Parents Of Infant Rotten On Swing Charged To Death

Iowa: Authorities found the rotten body of the 4-months-old infant in the baby swing at the family home and charged the parents with the murder of their son.

Zachary Koehn, 28, and Cheyanne Harris, 20, were arrested for the first-degree murder of their 4-months-old son, Sterling Koehn and child endangerment on Wednesday.

The court hasn’t listed any attorney for any of them. The couple is however scheduled to attend their preliminary hearing on Nov 2.

Authorities report when medics and deputies were called to the Koehn’s Alta Vista apartment on 30th August, they found the rotten dead body of the infant in the swing. The medical examination of the body states there were maggots in Sterling’s clothing and skin and he surely hadn’t had a bath and his diaper changed for almost a week. More of, he was not removed from the swing in over a week as well.

The reason behind this parental carelessness is yet to be discovered but their action has disturbed everyone in the area. Alta Vista is almost 200km northeast of Des Moines. Killing a 4-months-old can never be justified. And we hope these parents meet the end they actually deserve.