Research says Having Close Relations with Grandparents predict your Healthier Life

Grandparents are always lively and caring. They see their kids in you and share a strong bond with your existence. In the context of adult-young relationships, wide theories and school of thoughts exist sharing varied ideologies. But even in our nuclear-family system, the grandparent-grandchildren relationship can never be neglected.

A recent research has found that close relationship of children with their grandparents are healthier for both sides. The study was conducted on the vague assumption, but the results have stunned the world and people are considering re-establishing this bond to live healthy lives.

Researchers at the Boston College decided to dig this relationship a little deeper and found the emotional tie between grandparents and adult grandchildren improves the mental health of both groups. It reduces the depressive symptoms and induces liveliness in routine life.

The study was published online in the journal The Gerontologist last year and its results were based on the 374 grandparents and 356 adult grandchildren who volunteered for the study. Data was collected for whole 19 years to put forward the authentic generalizable findings.