Warning Signs That Show Someone Is High Functioning Alcoholic

First tries lead to habits and these habits lead to terminal addictions. And not many of people accept their addiction no matter how far they have gone. Their excessive activities are always casual and normal to them such as to smokers and drinkers.

These addicts lead their health to deadly illnesses without even realizing it and when they acknowledge, it happens to be too late.

You might have seen people around you who have indulged themselves into self-abusive behaviours and you might want to help them as with counselling, therapies or medications. But unluckily, it’s possible only when the addict accepts their deviant behaviours and not many of them do so. But before deciding whether a particular person needs a professional help or not, you get to know if he really suffers from borderline addiction. To indicate this very thing, you need some authentic guideline and that’s why I’m here today.

Alcoholism is common in western societies and taking one or two shots a day is considered relatively normal but when it gets too uncomfortable to tolerate within a professional or family setting, it needs professional help.

Here are certain points that can help you indicate whether some his high functioning alcoholic or not.

Drinking for meal

Skipping a meal and replacing it with some fine gulps of wine is necessary sometimes. But if you see someone coming to the table and ordering wine or related beverages right away instead of asking for some food, he is perhaps troubled. Humans always need nutrients to carry out the properly functioning body but if you see someone ruining their health by replacing every meal with alcohol, it’s your responsibility to help you that loved one.


A person who plans all regular activities around ‘when he’ll have some wine’ and ‘when he’ll visit the liquor store’ depicts huge warning signs of borderline alcoholism. In worst cases, the very first thing these people think about is liquor. How much they have, how much they need and how much they have used. They dress up with it, they eat it and they sleep with it. The moment they notice the shortage or unavailability, they panic and display aggressive and irritant behaviours until they gulp some of it. Social irritation is a basic symbol to identify high functioning alcoholic. If you see someone avoiding people and being irritated, help him before it’s too late.

No hangovers

People who are high functioning alcoholics experience no hangover. If some of your friends can drink a ton of wine without losing the balance of their walk and talk, yes, they are the ones. They will keep drinking and the red flag will keep rising until they get tired and leave it aside.

Memory Loss

Your high functioning alcoholic friend might tend to repeat stories he’s already told you or might keep on asking the same question you’ve answered multiple times before. People who drink a lot forget things and events a lot and display potential signs of their illness that can kill them if not treated on proper time.


Like all people with serious mental health issues deny the fact of being ill, all high functioning alcoholic resist to accept their problems. They will never talk about it even if you force them to death or they will convince your saying: “It’s not that bad.”

One who consumes alcohol to that point needs professional help and if he is not realizing it, you’re the one who can bring him back to life.

Excessive Consumption

One or two shots will never satisfy them. Even in routine, they’ll continue to take it until their vault is empty or the stock is finished. But some of them don’t stop even them. These people do anything to feed their addiction. The more they drink, the more they develop tolerance and the more they ruin themselves. Once you see someone consuming more than normal alcohol, observe him for 3-4 occasions to see what he does.

Hiding their Bottles

If you find someone hiding their drinks in cars or desk drawers, they are more likely the high functioning alcoholics. These people don’t like sharing their little secret with anyone and consume much of the liquor in the daytime. But due to high tolerance, they make it sure people don’t see what they are doing or what they are up to. If you observe someone behaving deviant with alcohol, check their cars and desks to assure.


Alcohol is all they care about. They don’t care how they are using their family and friends time with alcohol, how they are using their precious money over liquor and how they’re abandoning everyone who loves them just to stay drunk and mad. They find happiness only in drinking and become hurting, selfish and cruel people.


The moment they think people are noticing them and judging them for their drinking, they’ll get angry and won’t care whom they are talking to. They’ll get irritated, rude and angry without any reason. Anger usually has multiple causes but if you don’t see any other potential cause, keep noticing.

The only way to help these people in to make them realize what they are doing with their own lives. Addressing them directly, until you don’t accept that you need help, you can’t get over it, you can’t lead a healthy life and you can’t live happily. Accept your illness and that you need help.

Have Patience
If your borderline alcoholic friend is not getting to the right way, it is you who can help. And you can do it only when you stay persistent and patient with them. You’ll have to tolerate their behaviours, their tantrums, their anger and abuse but it is sometimes necessary to have an external body taking care of the victim. You need to stay, always.

How can you help?

There are a number of therapies, counselling, diet programs and medical techniques that can help your friend get back to the normal life. You can choose any of it but the first thing to do is to convince your friend or partner.

I hope you get successful!