Man Is Beating Up Woman in Park, Camera Captures Must See Footage


Many people think they should help strangers when they are in trouble while others think they should never poke their nose into someone else’s matter to avoid personal confrontation.

In order to better explain the phenomenon, some YouTube stars crafted a policy to judge the behaviour of people in a social experiment where a man is beating up a woman at the public place.

They filmed a video and published on YouTube that amazingly got 17 million views due to its unique experiment.

Many people won’t know what comes next and according to some renowned statisticians, more than 1/3rd of females and a 1/4th population of men observe such tricky situation in their lifetime. This social prediction is true in all cultures around the world and on this very base, these YouTubers conducted their social experiment.

They fixed a camera focusing on busy running pathway hidden behind some shrubbery. As they expected, a couple passed by and after some time, the man started pushing and shoving his girl publically. The experiment was to check how people respond to public violence and to female violence in particular.

They expected someone to come and to interrupt to settle the situation but most of the people took no care of them while some of them did the right thing as anticipated. Both reactions were filmed live through the camera.

Those who intervened were shocked to see their response that was impressive in the dangerous situation, unexpectedly.

Watch the video and let us know what you would have done?