12 Warning Signs that Indicate the Person You’re Dealing with is Evil


Our noble mothers teach us to see good in everyone no matter how oddly someone behaves. And we go on pursuing the honourable advice until someone comes to our life and alters our whole perspective of virtue. No matter how hard we try to stay humble, unbiased and down-to-earth, there are people who prove our decent beliefs wrong. But indisputably, these are people who teach us the best lessons of life.

Do you have had someone in your life that you called your friend but he turned out to be the snake in your pocket?

I have compiled up some real facts about evil people that you can consider before putting your whole trust into strangers. If you’re taught never to judge people, you’re grown up right because judging people based on their colour, creed, religion and financial status is hurtfully wrong but evaluating someone for his/her ideas of virtue before putting your whole trust into that someone is legit by all means. Let’s discuss how these people pursue Satan and cherish every moment of it sometimes without even realizing it.

They Deny Realities

While talking to these people, you explain one fact with evidence but receive the response with another fact that is as real as the existence of life on extinct Pluto. People with unknown evil vibes will never accept the reality and will never agree with you on a certain fact. Their ideas and interpretations will be different as hell. If you’ll talk about summer being awesome, at the end of the conversation you will end up thinking how wrong your choices are. These people are expert in making people feel insignificant. I hope you don’t fall prey to any of this negativity because I, personally, took a lot of time to realize I was a different person than what I was told about myself by these people. This struggle is real!

Twisting Facts

For evil people, everything in life is a game whether it’s someone’s emotions or some serious blood relationships. Where they are out of their personal cause, nothing matters to them any longer.

Have you ever confronted some of your fellows who tell you how one of your other friends insulted you on your back? How foul words he has used for you? How badly your that friend has wronged you? And you believe that crew without even asking for a proof or asking your that friend to prove his innocence. Yes, these evil people manipulate realities and facts so graciously that innocent people like you trust them blindly. But don’t you think if they fill your ears with this crap about your friend, they will be doing the same to someone else talking about you too? Have I made my point clear?

One who talks foul to you about someone talks foul about you to others as well.

They withhold Information

Stepping back is easy peasy for them. Where they find their reputation or identity being compromised, they don’t mind telling a lie and never admit they provided any of the information that caused trouble.

They will try their best to withhold the information and even if you manage to know that particular information somehow, they explain such reason of their behaviour that you end up feeling sorry for them. You act like the puppet until you ponder eagerly upon “what’s happening”?

They Always Mislead

I had a friend who knew I’m madly passionate about writing competitions and she knew I was capable of winning them locally. So, there were some people distributing pamphlets about some competition in our college. I was excited to register my name as soon as possible until she approached me saying that competition was fake as she had consulted the registrar. I trusted her without question because she was my friend. And guess what, the very next week she was there with the third position prize for that competition.

These people don’t respect anyone or anything. They will mislead you without caring about the consequences. If you’ve some information that might interest them, you will be swept out of the way. And if you’ll question it, their cheeky mean response will make you feel exposed, vulnerable and insulted.

Bad stuff!

Constant Lying

People: “What are you studying?”

Them: “Nothing. Just a magazine (folding academic handouts inside the magazine.)”

They lie even when they don’t need to. But they can’t help it. They will manipulate the information as much as they can. They will lie, lie and lie enjoying the pain they cause to others.

They don’t feel any remorse

Evil people don’t even realize most of the times what trouble they are causing to people around them. And surely, when they find out, they enjoy every piece of it. They don’t feel bad, guilty or shameful for the hurt and heartbreak they cause. They hunt weak people with weaknesses and expose them without any disgrace. Remember Lord Varys appearing as a witness against Tyrion even after he called him his friend? That’s how they work.

Avoiding Responsibility

People: “You hurt me”

Them: “I didn’t hurt you. You did it yourself. You expected too much. I just acted as I always do.”

They never accept the responsibility of their actions most of which are always evil. They will redirect the responsibility to someone who is weak and who’ll end up apologizing for that monster’s behaviour.

They are Champions of Manipulation

They are great discrete planners who foresee things and map them accordingly. They remember your weaknesses and use them when it’s the best. Making you feel what they want is the easiest trick they know. They will manipulate you so that you’ll credit them for all the good in your life. Can you relate?

They are Fair-Weather Friends

No matter how grand life we have spent, all of us have seen fair weather friends who don’t accompany us in our emotional winters or fall but will cherish the summer with benefits in all ways.

Your bad time can tell you enough of who is your genuine friend and who is just a good time friend.

They Waste your time

They know you’re far better than them. They know you’re responsible, punctual and fair in your deals and they try to manipulate it as much as they can. Remember when you had an important meet-up with your company fellows and one person dragged you in the conversation so uselessly long that you lost the track of time and missed something very important? It doesn’t benefit them in any direct way but seeing others failing like them is their favourite thing. Keep notice.

Double-faced life

They live life covered with unlimited lies. They behave differently in all different settings portraying their relatively beneficial image. You’ll find them always lying and if you watch them doing this, they’ll explain how important it is to lie. You see?

They are controlling

As everything in their life is lie, they can’t afford to lose the control of any certain situation. The moment they see someone getting close, the next moment they become possessive and controlling to save their fake reputation.

If you agree with any of this, let me know because we all need to surround ourselves with positivity.s