Veterans are Warning Dog Owners for the Grass that is Killing Dogs

Dogs always adore running and exploring the grass fields. But there are certain facts under consideration that are warning dog owners to keep them away from this particular grass type. Lethal consequences have been observed during the direct exposure of dogs to this grass type with some of the cases leading to the sudden death.

Veterans say long foxtail grass contains contagious seeds that are most likely to penetrate the skin of your dog during direct exposure. There are chances of your pups ingesting the seeds which are ostensibly harmless but cast potential health threats leading to eventual death.

These seeds are reported to cause slight pain; tissue damage and infection in the beginning but the severity of the consequences depend upon the part of the body they penetrate into. Usually, you can locate them in the fur, paws but there are chances of spores making their way into the ear canal too. Make it sure you examine the vulnerable body parts of your dog such as stomach and nose. However, those who inhale the spores or ingest the seeds have low chances of survival.