If you think Your Ice Cube Trays can only Freeze Water, Check these Awesome Hacks that can Prove You Wrong


We encounter many tools in our lives that can be used only for one sole purpose because we think them to be specific. But imagining out of the box can make you realize that everything can be used in multiple other ways no matter what they are.

Being smart and little creative, there could be many ways of utilizing the same thing for multiple purposes. Ice cube tray is also one of these things we think specific about. To us, they are used to freeze water only but recently I figured out some awesome ways we can use these ice cubes trays in and I’m sharing some of them here with you.

Yoghurt Freezing:

Yoghurt is something we always have in our freezers, a must use product and by freezing Yogurt in ice cube tray, it can be stored for a long time without any additional effort.

Coffee freezing:

What a genius tip!

Freeze your coffee in ice cube trays and do use chilled cubes for making chilled coffee whenever you want. Sorry if I’m getting over-excited about it but I love it.

Egg storing:

Storing huge pile of eggs in the freezer is always a difficult task because they are always vulnerable to thunders. But using ice cube trays unique for this very purpose can save us from trouble.

Break eggs and pour them into ice cube tray and use whenever you want for a long time because it won’t end up in anything bad. Try it with one egg and it will be extended to your whole storage, trust me.

 Juice and wine:

Juice and wine can be stored in ice cubes that can later be used for adding taste to many other drinks and smoothies. The perfect combination for summer eves!

Lemon and mint:

Lemon and mint can be added with water and chilled in ice cubes that can use in water as a detox for better health conditions.

Do you know any other use of ice cube trays that can solve some basic issues of our lives? Share them with us and your friends.

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