This Research Says People With RH Blood Type Do Not Belong To Earth

Human blood has been categorized as blood type A, B, AB and O by modern medicine. Each type is differentiated on the base of the presence of a protein in each type but RH negative blood type stands out for a very exception reason that it doesn’t contain any protein primarily.

There are several theories people believe regarding this protein deficiency and one of them is origins from another planet. 15% of human population contains this blood type and all of them, perhaps, belong to another planet.

In these social media theories, you might find the rubbish stuff but one thing grabs attention that all people with RH negative blood type have certain unique characteristics such as:

  • They are universal donors and can donate blood to anybody with any blood type
  • Throughout the blood scale, they are compatible with almost everybody
  • But unluckily, they can’t receive blood from any random person but only from those who have strictly same blood type

Even the whole world captivates significant proportion of people with this blood type but they can be found abundantly in the North of Europe.

However, as far as the question of these people belonging to another planet is concerned, the quest of an evident answer is still going on.

Biologists, geneticists, archaeologists and other scientists have investigated the history as far back as 35,000 years and they discovered that people with this blood type have ostensibly belonged to a limited crew from narrow territories and tribes.

Physical Features of people with RH negative blood type

People with RH negative blood type tend to have lower than average body temperature, above average sensitivity to rising temperature and have red hair with blue or green eyes making them unique by all means. These people are believed to command more emotional and physical awareness

These alien related theories get their fire from the events of pregnancy of expecting women as their bodies give them a hard time to deliver the baby intending them being dead. To ensure the safety of the baby and mother, timely medical interventions and other precautions are considered beforehand.

Even if we ignore these alien suspects, we can’t deny the fact these people are different even from the medical point of view as, during the process of birth, a soulful body tries to kill the one that means to exist, against the natural rule for humans.

There are tons of research and conversations done to answer the suspicious questions and scientists have gone too far to know the significant information but this alien conspiracy and related theories are increasing without being backed by an authentic, approved and accepted research through.

Who of you has the RH negative blood type?