This Fur Wizard Removes the Fur and Lint in One Swipe


Swift, hasty and affordable solution for pet fur and lint troubling your fabric, furniture, and carpets is under attention.

Imagine your friend stopping by at your door but your cushions in the living room are all grimed by mass of your pet hair that you were just planning to remove but procrastinated.

Or a quick call from your office in the winter for a lavish meeting but your favorite coat is not back from dry cleaning? What to do?

You would never like to ask your friend to sit on a dirty couch full of your pet’s hair and you’d never love to attend an official meeting with filthy lint on your coat and having your car seats troubling your neck from the back might irk you.

Things need to be fixed at this point of urgency and dire requirement.

You cannot run for the vacuum cleaner having your friend ringing the bell. There must be a quick solution but what the heck it is?

Well, this fur wizard has solved mine similar problem and I hope it does same to you.

So, why not to keep a hand-sized, double-faced lint brush that can make things tidy with a single swipe and saves your money, time and energy offering you a graceful environment?

How it Works?

You one swipe will remove the whole patch of lint and your fabric or couch will be clean as heaven. And you can get the wizard ready by removing the lint from it time by time.

Just fix it in, keep it there for a while and push it back. It is ready to be used again.

Just like this!

Unique Features of Fur Wizard

This Fur Wizard is:

  • Portable, double-faced lint and fur removing brush which works best for your clothes, furniture, carpets and car seats positively without any electricity connection
  • It works quickly with lifetime security
  • You can remove the base clip to throw the lint or fur away and it’s ready for the magic again. Just the matter of seconds!
  • And it brings a mini-wizard for FREE along

Buy one here and get the mini one for free.

Keep the fur wizard with you all the time.

It has proved itself smooth and quick solution for the pet owners and for those who are too busy in fixing other important issues of life. Spending a few bucks and gaining a solution which doesn’t need any energy to proceed is perhaps exactly what you want at the moment, eh?