Woman Gave birth to a stillborn on 5th months of pregnancy but 8 minutes later doctors are shocked by a miracle

Bex, a young lady, gave birth to a dead baby after five months of pregnancy in an unusual incident but what happened later have shocked everyone.

Bex and her husband Martine were expecting a baby with things going fine around them. They had already arranged everything for the baby from clothes to crib and every necessary thing.

One fine day, when they visited the doctor for regular treatment, reports revealed the baby had some heart problems demanding immediate treatment even though the woman was just five months pregnant. Doctors were shocked by the news and recommended an emergency cesarean right away

Mother Bex was reported to be fearful and doubtful about the process and to her astonishment, the baby did not cry after birth and she started screaming instead of embracing the divine moments of motherhood. There were unending screaming and a desperate hope to get her baby alive, and a miracle happened just eight minutes later even when there was no hope from the medical side.

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