She heard rumors about a dog barking in woods, she went there and made a marvelous discovery

Trinity Smith is a brave animal lover having great empathy for pets.

Curiously, she had been hearing rumours about a barking dog in mountains since many days in Colorado, USA.

Being pet lover, she decided to help the dog or at least finding the cause of her barking. You see curiosity let people do great things!

She thought perhaps there was a single dog up there in the problem or desperate and might need some help. The voices were coming from desolate landscape of mountains where no house situated and no people resided. People used to say that voices were coming from coyote while she thought there was something up in mountains and she better go to offer some help to the poor animal. Meanwhile, she came to know about a lost dog of a family moving around the mountains.

This clue made her a bit more desperate to find the dog but she was not clear where exactly the voices were coming from because sometimes voices became faint but subsequently, she decided to go up there.

When she went up, she realized it more clearly she was hearing voices of a dog but could not determine the direction. Next day, she got a company of her friend and made their way up. It did not take a long time after going up to determine the direction of coming voices. Soon after that, they came across 14 years old thin dog lying on the ground. The dog could not have much for her if they did not find her and rescue to the ground and finally to home.

What a good idea they got, they posted on social media about a story of a lost dog. Within a short period of time, owners contacted them to hand over their dog who had been daily searching for their dog since 6 weeks. They took the dog to the store, bought her eating stuff and called owners to come in the parking lot. The reunion of the owner and the lost dog was meaningful and owner thanked Trinity to the core of heart.

Trinity has become friend with the owner on a gratitude level.

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