The Boy Attacked a Street Walker for No Reason and Fled. Police Want Public to help Identify Him

Alejandro Maldonado, the 18 years old boy, punched walking man from behind and knocked him down to the ground in Houston suburb of Rosenberg, Texas. The victim got a heavy blow that set him to spend many nights in the nearby hospital, local police officials reported. The force of the punch made him fall to the ground and his head smashed with ground as the video displays clearly.

The Texas Police has released a video in which the boy can be seen and identified clearly and his doubtless identification may force the boy to come in himself, as police states that video is cruel and will not let him survive without showing up.

With the help of the video, the police have identified the suspect and there is news that he was going to turn himself into police station but did not communicate with any official. Police are hopeful of his return but the thing is how long he will take to accept his punishment.

According to the known details, the incident took place in a suburb when Maldonado and the victim were passing by. Maldonado hit the victim from behind without any reason as police think that Maldonado might not know the victim and hit him with unknown intention. A police officer further told that it might look like a game for him but things would change when he will be behind the bars.

Police officer further reported that the viral video will let his relatives know shortly about what he has done and consequently, he will have to show up and to turn himself in, in any case.

Police have released phone numbers for giving any information about suspect if anyone knows where he is.

Anybody who knows something is requested to contact Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS or Detective Mehling at 832-595-3814.

Police are interested in giving a reward whoever provides some information on Maldonado’s whereabouts.