17-Years-Old Boy Surprised Scientist with Something Nobody has ever done before in Physics


What a Pakistani brilliant student has done in International Young Physicists’ Tournament!

Though many other scientists have known the phenomenon and might have done research on it there comes a new idea in the light. In 2016, another Pakistani boy, first participant ever, came with the unique idea of the formation of honeycomb and he was successful for providing photographic evidence of charged ions during the process.

This time, a seventeen-years-old old boy has made older scientists astonished by presenting the behaviour of electrically charged particles.

A young Pakistani boy, Shaheer Niazi, has presented an idea that when a certain type of electrically charged particles passes through two electrodes, one is flat while another is pointed, they form electric honeycomb.

As every electric device, we use in our daily life, has a capacitor that stores electricity in it for short time and works like a battery. During the process, electricity passes through the pointed electrode on the top to the insulator and another flat electron in the bottom that runs any motor or electric device. A honeycomb behaves purely like a capacitor as the needle plays as a top electrode that generates a high voltage in the air few centimetres above the oiled surface on the other end. The ions keep on accumulating until their voltage is high enough to provide them with the energy that comes from oil.

Interestingly, when there is not enough energy, they sink down in oil which helps in exposing bottom electrode because the oil surface is no longer even. In order to prove their motion, Niazi has proved the phenomenon through photographic images in which their wind formed shadows of motion and recorded the production of heat as a result of friction during motion.

The major achievement with Niazi lies in an observation of heat due to friction during ions motion as Dr Pérez Izquierdo stated that no one had previously found or explored the changing temperature on the surface of the oil. He praised the skills of a young boy and asserted to explore more the origin of heat during the process. Niazi is willing to win Noble Prize in future.

The true pride of the Nation!



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