Samsung Mobile Exploded Setting the Man’s Shirt on Fire for He activated WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth at the same time


The man felt the heat in his pocket but when he reached out to check, his shirt caught fire.

The administration has got the CCTV footage of Yulianto burning due to its Samsung smartphone in Semarang Indonesia.

He is standing in a store when he feels the heat on his chest and naturally reaches out to check. But as his hand touches the front pocket the smartphone inside gets fire causing an alarming situation for the man who throws his shirt away with the help of another man and saves himself.

Yulianto’s Samsung Grand Duos caught fire but he doesn’t know the exact reason besides he activated WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS all together.

His video went viral shortly after going online but people have double-sided stories to share. Some are sharing their bad experiences with the Samsung saying:

“I’ll stick to my LG. This happened to my father with his Samsung but it was in his pocket and he doesn’t use WiFi and GPS and all that on his phone. Just simply uses it for calls not even texts. He had it in his front pocket and next thing you know it started getting hot and he went quickly to take it out and threw it down and it started melting. I refuse to use another Samsung phone.”

While others are supporting the brand stating that it has the latest technology and we can forgive it for happening with S7.

To no one’s amazement, there are people who have started the Samsung vs iPhone controversy from nothing.

“I won’t fall for this. And someone had a camera handy waiting for the explosion? Samsung all the way. I won’t be caged like an animal by iPhone who thinks the world should be in a box and they must possess the keys. With Samsung, the world is yours to discover. There is so much more. The stars are the limits,” one says.

Humbly, all we care about is safety whether it is Samsung or iPhone if users are happy and safe; you have a broad market to go. Samsung lovers hope that this explosion experience would never happen again or they will have to think otherwise.

Which smartphone do you use?


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