The Jealous Boyfriend scalped his Girlfriend, Asked his Pit Bull to attack her and threw the pieces at the front of her Mother’s House


Zachary Allen Gross, 31, Northern Kentucky resident attacked and assaulted his girlfriend, 26, Marilyn Stanley because another man posted her picture on Facebook with her son.

On September 14th, 2015, Gross scalped the girl with the knife and asked his pit bull to attack her later which ended up biting the part of the girl’s ear. Inflicting such violence to the girl was not enough for Gross as he continued his sick activity by packing her scalps in a plastic bag and dropped the bag at her mother’s house.

Marilyn suffered gigantic agony with her broken nose, swollen eyes and 80% of her scalps removed, doctors at University of Cincinnati Medical Center reported. They have fixed the cadaver skin, however, on her skull to treat it better and to enable her for a skin graft procedure.

Reporting Gross’s abysmal crime, Marilyn reported he also kicked several times in her stomach before pulling his knife out.

The reason for this awful act is reported to be the pictures of Marilyn posted on another man’s Facebook profile with her son. The jealousy led the cruel Gross assault Marilyn in such a terrible way.

As the investigation started, Gross tried to display his acts under self-defense banner and reported Marilyn was the first who pulled out the knife. Not only this, Gross’s lawyer also tried to convince the jury that the dog was the attacker who played with Marilyn’s scalps and put her on the verge of death.

While talking to a news channel via phone, Gross told he is being suspected of the defensive acts of his dog which attacked Marilyn to save its owner and that he knows how horrible are Marilyn’s wounds and she will never be able to have hair while the media person laughs on his vague statements.

However, a trauma surgeon confirmed that Marilyn’s cuts are not inflicted by dog’s teeth and the jury came with a guilty verdict after only two hours of the hearing.

31-years-old Gross had been charged with violating probation, second-degree assault, domestic violence and harboring a vicious animal and had been imprisoned for 20 years for his dreadful crime.

His horrible crime has been covered worldwide and people are not happy with 20 years’ imprisonment and he destroyed two lives, girl’s and dog’s. And that he deserves to be executed right away without a second thought. While other people respected the decision of the jury and prayed for the girl who is battling for life in the hospital.



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