Beware Of This NEW Hotel Scam When You Are Checking Into Your Hotel

Where there is an evolution in technology, there is a revolution in e-commerce and online banking as well. Online banking has brought a dramatic change in daily routine life as you can live a whole life without any money in your pocket but with just a simple debit card. However, this technological advancement always involves risks when over smart man plays in.

A recent example is a scam reported in some hotels on their front reception desk which must be avoided.


When you enter a hotel and approach the front desk, they demand your debit card for charging payment against your booked room but they do not retain the card immediately. Following payment procedure, receptionist requests you to settle down in your room and it seems alright.

Meanwhile, phone rings with reception desk on the other end asking your debit card number for verification as caller found a problem while operating your card. You make him clear for satisfaction but in fact, this is a scam and no call is to be made by reception desk but from outside of the hotel.

So, if you get such a phone call with reference to the reception desk of the hotel you are staying in, it would be better for you to visit the reception desk immediately for getting things clear. Make it sure that you don