Wrap Your Ironing Board In Aluminum Foil And You’ll Be Surprised What Happens Next!

Let’s say it like it is—no one likes ironing!

Nevertheless, ironing is necessary as our clothes often get wrinkled from the washing machine. Ironing is a chore which sometimes can be tedious and time-consuming, but luckily for you, we have a simple technique which will help you iron your clothing easily and quickly.

That’s right. Ironing your clothes has never been easier.

The technique we have for you today involves the use of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is, of course, extremely useful when wrapping and storing leftover food — but that’s not all it’s good for. Just like vinegar can be used to clean lenses or Windex can be used to clean pans, there are also many alternative uses for tin foil. And the one you’re about to learn will completely change the way you iron your clothes.

Brenda, a.k.a the “Ironing Board Queen” visits Dr. Oz to show viewers how to save some serious time ironing your clothes. Simply remove the fabric cover on the ironing board. Then, stretch a long sheet of aluminum foil across the ironing board, and put the fabric cover back on top. With all that heat reflection, you end up ironing out the wrinkles on both sides of your clothing, all at once.

The technique will iron your clothes professionally and it’s easy to perform. It speeds up the ironing process and makes it easier to smooth out any stubborn creases. Just put a piece of aluminum foil under the ironing board and make the clothes heat faster and straighten out the wrinkles more efficiently.

Try this useful method and your clothes will look as good as new.