The Ultimate Egg Diet: Lose Around 22 Lbs In Just 14 Days!

Eggs have been known as rich source of proteins and healthiest breakfast. When you are training in a gym, your trainer would always advice you to include eggs in your daily diet. They give you a feeling of “fuller” stomach and thus you don’t indulge in added calories. Egg also helps in improving your metabolism rate. So, if you are planning for a weight loss, here is how you should include eggs in your diet for 7 days of the week:

On The First Day Of The Week

Breakfast: Have one or two boiled eggs, along with an orange or grapefruit.
Lunch: Have two apples and at least five slices of the delicious sweet potato.
Dinner: Just have a chicken salad.

On Second Day

Breakfast: Once again, have one or two boiled eggs and same fruits.
Lunch: You can have green vegetable salad or chicken salad, according to your wish.
Dinner: Again indulge in two boiled eggs, one fruit and bit of vegetable salad.

On Third Day

Breakfast remains the same.
Lunch: You can have some cheese and tomato, along with slices of sweet potato.
Dinner: Have Plain salad or indulge in roasted chicken.

On Fourth Day

Stick the same breakfast menu.
Lunch: Have your favorite fruits till your stomach is full.
Dinner: Eat chicken salad for dinner again.

On Fifth Day

After having the same breakfast, for lunch you can have two boiled eggs, along with vegetables.
Dinner: For a change, you should indulge in grilled fish and salad.

On Sixth Day

Breakfast remains the same, i.e, two boiled eggs and one fruit.
Again grab any of your favorite fruit for lunch.
And for dinner you can have steamed vegetables and chicken.

On Seventh Day

Have two boiled eggs for breakfast and some fruit.
Lunch: You can make your choice from tomato salad, steamed green vegetables and chicken.
Dinner: again have green steamed vegetables only.

This diet may seem boring, but if you repeat it for another seven days, you will soon lose weight. Plenty of fruit will also act as a detox for your body.