Two-Headed Buffalo Just Born in a Local Dairy Farm Leaves Everyone Amazed


A two-headed buffalo calf just opened its eyes on a local dairy farm in Pakistan while everyone around is calling it a “miracle”.

The Lucky Foods dairy farm in Karachi was blessed with a peculiar creature having two head sharing the same body on September 27th.

The newly born buffalo calf has two completely developed heads having four eyes, four ears, two mouth opening and definitely two brains. Having the rare genetic disorder, the unusual buffalo has amazed everyone around.

The fragile calf is yet unable to lift its heads and can’t stand on its legs as the weight is too heavy to carry. The calf is also unable to suckle from its mother and is currently being fed through feeding bottles.

The CEO of the dairy farm, Salman Mamnoon Hussain, was thrilled and shocked by the news of a two-headed calf born on his farm.

“A two-headed calf! I didn’t believe it when the farm manager gave me the news on the phone. I rushed to the farm to see the calf. It is a miracle. Upon touching the calf, I was surprised to see that his one head was cold and the other was a bit hit,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting the calf to survive for than a day. But against all odds, it has managed to survive for more than a week.”

Why is it so?

It is a rare genetic disease called Polycephaly whose sufferers born with two completely separate yet functioning heads sharing the same body. Each of the head has its own functions controlling different organs and system of the body, however; the specification varies from case to case.

The situation is caused when sperm fertilized two eggs who decide to get separate as embryos but something hinders the process midway and Polycephaly happens. It can also be seen in human beings.

However, the two-headed calf, which has made it to the second week of his life is expected to grow and live a healthy life.

“I would like to see him live, and see him get up and walk and function,” says the CEO of the farm.

The little eerie creature has received worldwide recognition for its uniqueness and people are wishing him luck to survive.


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