Send WhatsApp Messages without Even Touching your Phone


Worrying about language issues while sending the voice messages is a real hitch. You find yourself rushing to the Google asking it to transcribe your message and running back to the right place to SEND.

Perhaps, you lose over speech-to-text missing out some words you say or you want to send a message in an unsupported language, Google is all we have to crack this issue. But again running back and forth takes more energy than sending a text message even when all you want is a clear, human voice-to-voice conversation for mutual understanding.

Well, your problem has finally been solved by the crownless king, Google itself. Until now, you could only use Google Assistant to get your verbalization transcribed by saying “OK Google, send a message” but things are quite broad now.

You no longer need to survive the hassle of loping here and there on Google to transcribe your messages for WhatsApp, Telegram, Allo, Viber or other communication apps because it’s all available right there.

Google has enabled the “transcribe” option for smartphone apps such as WhatsApp. It is still working on other apps; however, Whatsapp is beyond awesome now, with this feature included.

How Does it Work?

It’s quite effortless. Just open your Google Assistant, order “OK Google, send a voice message”. Bear in mind, if you have an Android One or Nexus Pixel device, you don’t even need to touch the phone to hold and press to record a voice message.

Next, a screen like this will show up where you’re required to record your message and choose the recipient. Once you’re done with saying whatever you want, send it up by ordering “OK Google, send”.

That’s awesome!

You can also press the SEND button on the top right corner to send the audio file you just recorded to your wanted recipient through Whatsapp.

Things are easier than this!

There are three basic ways Google treat your voice messages on Whatsapp

  • You can order your message saying “Send a voice message” and Google will ask you for the recipient and will start recording it.
  • More of, you can ask Google more clearly to send voice message saying “Send a voice message to A.” Where A is your recipient.
  • You can further ask Google to “Send a voice message to A saying…” Google will get your command and will start recording your message after the name of the recipient and will send after receiving another order of SEND from your side.


Don’t worry, you are free to edit or cancel your message before finally sending it up. You are allowed to change the recipient at last time and to delete your recorded message as well.

What’s More?

In addition to all super assistance Google has to offer, it allows you to add shortcuts to Google Assistant at Whatsapp to save more of your time.

Easy than you might have thought!

This Feature is Not Available on:

  • Google Search/Widget voice command because there, the voice message interface can’t be activated.
  • Android Wear because there Google Assistant doesn’t record audio clips and the user only can dictate and transcribe his/her messages without any transfer.

For the time, this Google extension is limited to the Whatsapp but all other developments are under process.

This extension still has limitation but despite every odd, it is a clear advancement in customer services. You can send voice messages and ask Google to save your voice to identify it later as well.

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