Dad Buys Used Pallet For $20 And Converts It Into An Elegant Piece For The Home

Buying customized sofas that perfectly fits your style could get costly. So why not build one yourself?

You can easily and inexpensively with some pallets. The best thing about pallet sofas is that you can paint the pallet whatever color you want and add matching cushions for a totally customized look.

Here are some pallet sofa ideas to get the creativity ball rolling on your next DIY project.

Large Space Sectional

These are more like individual beds because of the large spacious designs. This sofa is perfect for lounging.

Nine Pallet Sofa With Rear Shelving

All you need is nine pallets to make this closed bottom pallet sofa which can double a a bed with rear shelving.

Raised Corner Sofa

This sofa is raised on blocks and is actually two pallet sofas that are angled and use a single seat to create the illusion of wrapping around the corner of your room.

Wheeled Double Seat Double Pallet Sofa

This design incorporates two pallets to gain its heights, is on wheels and has two cozy seats. The back of the sofa is secured with L-shaped bracket fasteners. Super cute!

Triple Pallet Side-By-Side Sofa

This sofa is propped up on three pallets and has two main seats that rest side by side. It also includes arm rests. Check out the tutorial below.

Pallet Stilt Sofa With Arm Rests

This rustic looking sofa rests on posts instead of a full pallet bottom, seats two, and includes a place to rest your arms.

Backless Sofa

This is the perfect DIY for people who aren’t too handy with tools. All you have to do is double stack some pallets, lean them against your wall and throw some cushions on them and you’re done.

Sofa With Storage

You can build one of these to create seating for one adult or two children or build several and push them together. The best part of this design is that it holds space below the seat for storage.

Day Bed Sofa With Side Table

This design is also on their simpler side when it comes to building and is made from four equal sized pallets. It also includes a cute little side table.

Tripple Tiered Sectional Sofa

This tiered sectional sofa sits on stacks of three pallets and has the appearance of a sectional couch. Get the how-to in the video above.

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