8 Year Old Girl Called To His House Everyday, Then One Day They Were Left Heartbroken

I just Got this story from Reddit and it was the trending Story of that day. In this story a man tells of how a little girl breaks his heart, he says anyone can be a father but everyone can’t be a dad.

This man has proved that blood relations are not the only ones who sacrifice for you. He has a daughter who is not his biological daughter, neither did he adopt her nor is she kidnapped. But they share such a life that most of the real father-daughter might never have shared.

Read his story of how the little girl was abandoned by her parents and how she ended up being with his other, great father.

The 24-years old man told that he loves tooling around on old cars, something that he has done together with his dad since he was a kid. He added that his father was all happy to have him carry his activity on.

He said in his story that he is a 24-year-old guy, he loves tooling around on old cars, he said, something that he has done together with his dad since he was a kid and his father was all too happy to have him carry it on.

He works 8 to 4-5 schedule and mostly he spends his time in the garage after work fixing up his old mustang that he had on for the last two years or so. He said about his old car (“A completely unrestored ’65 Mustang that my dad has had for years, to take on now that I’m out in the world, that was a special moment”).

He added,  that one day he started leaving the garage door open, everyone could see what he was doing there. People stopped there, chat and said hello, its all was great. He always loved to chat it up, especially older folks who were happy to see a young guy getting his hands dirty working hard on a classic.

He said that about a year ago during the summer, a neighbor mom asked if he could look after her little girl Rachel, a quiet little girl that always seemed well behaved. He did not mind and said, he really committed to working on his car if she feels good enough to let her over here while he working on the car.

Girl’s mom and dad were going through a divorce, dad was working the 3rd shift and mom was getting a part-time gig, evening hours that were not good for him. At the start the girl was quiet, usually reading books or watching the TV, he brought out so she would be around him. He always made sure to be courteous, firm, and try out dad humor every now and then she started to come out of her shell after a while and it was a joy.

He further said, he still remembers her first asked about why he was working on the car.

“Why are you working on that car when you have one that’s newer and works?”

He replied, “Well, this car is about 45 years older than the other one, its a classic. She’ll be much prettier when I’m done with her. I’ve been sitting in the garage helping my pop since I was younger than you! I always wanted to be like him and so I’d sit and learn and eventually he let me help.”

She said, “Oh. Whenever I see dad, he’s always sleeping.”

Then he replied her, “Well, he’s working hard to provide for you, he’s working a tough job.”

According to him,  she just kind of was quiet after that, but two to three months later she started being cheerful when she came over, always asking questions, about what he was doing specifically. This part and that, why it needed to be done, what made it work and so on. He said, he always glad to impart knowledge and behave like a teacher.

He started teaching her about tools, how you can recognize which ones you need and what they can do on a car or around the house. She started to light up and he got the sense that besides school. She did not have parents attention or anyone who teaches her anything about life.

He said that one time when his dad visited in his ’66 GT convertible, he took her for a ride in it.

He always remembers how she smiled, saying, “Is this what yours is going to be like?”

“Should be, but mines a coupe so it won’t be quite as nice.”

“Nooo, yours will be much better! Cause we’ve been doing it!”

He said, his chin started to wobble and he just smiled and said she is right, it will be.

She’d really started to grow on him, it would be impossible not to let her into your heart.  A beautiful cute little girl who just soaks up everything you teach her wants to learn and looks you up like that.

Further, he wrote, when he saw her parents interact they were always snide or yelling at each other when they were around, it made him sad. In the spring, he started noticing the mother leaving without a uniform, sometimes dressed to go out. Then he came to the conclusion she quit or was not working, but still taking advantage of his babysitting which he didn’t mind in the slightest.

According to him, Sometimes the little girl would be quieter when she came over, but he always waited until she would open up. She’d let out tidbits like, “Mommy woke me up late at night, she was acting funny.” Or, “She came home with someone that wasn’t daddy” or the like. He said that it would pierce his heart, but he didn’t know what to do except keep being a safe harbor for her of sorts. He started hugging him more often, squeezing him as hard as she could.

He said, she just wormed her way into his heart, how when he takes a break and sit down, she will climb all over him until he gives her the proper attention, every now and then when she does some mannerism or phrase she picked up from him. Even just when he asked her to hand him a tool and she picks the proper one no problem.

He added, they had some of the best times which he can remember, just tinkering under his car, her with an old sweater of his on with safety glasses, so old dirt wouldn’t fall in her eyes, watching him work, asking away. One time she nicked herself on the edge of the radiator support and he picked her up and went to bandage it up.

He told her, “Most girls your age would cry if they got that little cut.”

She said brightly, “Now my hands are going to get all beat up like yours!”

He did not know what to say so he burst out laughing and hugged her and said, “You’re the best little girl in the world you know that?”

He wrote in his story that a few weeks ago her mom came over and said they were going to get a divorce, and if he could still keep watching her during the week. He told her that he was sorry and absolutely, she’s delight to have around.

Next day, she was morose and quiet unlike she had been in a long time. Her parents will be separating and they will have to move soon. She started crying and hugged him, asking if it meant she won’t be able to come over anymore. He said that he started tearing up a bit and choked out “, I don’t know Rachel, I don’t know. I hope you can. I love you, you know that? You’re the smartest, cutest, best little girl in the world and I love you”.

She cried all harder and said: “I love you too”.

She even again asked if she could stay with him and he said: “I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s in the cards.”

The next day when she left, he just sat down with a bottle of jack and started crying. He just couldn’t take it.  The sweet little girl who wants to be like him, he remembered her giggle when she gets grease on her, tosses on his old dirty sweater when she comes over because she wants to help. He said,  he just wanted to take her up in his arms, take away that pain. She does not deserve to have a shitty childhood growing up with a nonexistent father or a shitty mother.

He added that he can’t deal with it. It’s fucking tears my heart apart.

And then next day, her mother called him and asked, if he wanted to continue babysitting her. She told him that her daughter was crying all night and did not want to leave because she said she “loved me”. He said, her jaw dropped and he answered “of course”.

At the end,  that 6 years on now the girl is like his daughter.  Her mother ended up and moved to another house, and her husband left her and never saw his daughter again.

He tells in his story that it was not her who needed him, but it was he who needed her.

He had struggled with depression and anxiety for years and he only realized that she had fixed everything. Her company and loving heart had cured him of his disease and he will be forever grateful to this beautiful child.

At the end, he wrote.

Thank you, Rachel. “You saved my life”.