Wife Refuses to Pull Plug on Young Husband in Coma, But He Wakes Up


A happy young couple Matt David and his wife Danielle were spending a happy life when a tragedy occurred in their life.

This beautiful couple felt that how deep their love was for one another after this tragedy. The thing that I want to show you here, is you can’t choose what happens to you in your life, but you can choose your response to the situation.

Danielle’s husband faced a horrible motorcycle accident that left him with horrible injuries and a coma. According to doctors, Matt had very low chances of surviving and if he does survive, they were not sure about the shape he will be in if he comes out of the coma.


Doctors told Danielle that she should pull the plug on Matt to put him out his suffering, and they further advised her that she should save money for giving to someone who is guaranteed to survive. But Danielle did not listen to the medical staff.

She said “I knew that God could get us through that,’ she explained. ‘I didn’t think it was too big for God”.

So she took her husband out of the hospital and moved him home, so she and her mother can take care of him 24/7.

And then One day she heard two words come out her husband mouth “I m Trying”. And this was the big achievement for Danielle.

And when he did finally come out of his coma, he did not remember his previous three years that he spent. Now, the couple is happy again as they were before.

Now Matt attends therapy and is living life to the full set. Danielle wrote about her husband “One conversation with Matt will change your life. He has a servant’s heart and a love for people. He never complains or feels anger about his circumstance”. No doubt it’s so inspiring!

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