Single Mom of Two Ranted on Facebook After receiving only $5 tip on $100 bill


There are multiple schools of thoughts carrying different views regarding “service tip” while eating out. The activity and expectations vary from culture to culture, state to state and law to law. You can anticipate anything while eating out in an unknown country and that’s why people recommend reading about the tip-culture in the respective country. There are places where leaving tips can cause you ultimate trouble and is considered rude. While at other places you leave a rude and mean impact if you don’t offer the tip. The United States is in the second category where the tip is anticipated no matter how crude the services are. In the same scenario in the US, this single mom, working at night to make some bucks ranted on Facebook for getting only $5 tip for $100 bill.

How much you offer as tip is all your choice but wait, it’s not. There are certain rules saying for any amount of bill, you’re supposed to give 15% as a tip. So if you’re ordering a $100 food, you’re expected to offer $15 tip. That’s insane but it is what Emily Post Institute says about an average dinner in the New York City. Not only this, in certain cases you’re anticipated to cash out full $20 of your order as the tip. I’m sorry but that’s how the life is working in the United States. So, go to a fancy restaurant, sit there enjoying the aura, have your meal and give $20 extra for the services even when they include all services charges in the bill already.

Keeping every bit of information and knowledge into consideration, Brittney, the single mom of two kids posted her rant with the image of the bill on Facebook saying:

“I don’t normally post this kind of stuff on social media but I’m so mad right now I could throat punch somebody. I’m a single mom of 2 beautiful kids. I work my butt off for the money I make as a server. No… this isn’t my “dream job” but it’s my “suck up your pride and do what you gotta do until your daughter starts school” job.. my “work nights because I can’t afford daycare” job. I chose this job so I could spend my days with daughter and not pay someone else to be there for all her important milestones in the first 5 years of her life. With that being said..y’ll..Its nit ok to tip your server $5 on $105 ticket. Especially when your food was delivered promptly..and you never had to ask for refills. It’s not ok! Ever. We make $2.63 an hour and tip out 3% of our total sales at the end of the night to bus boys, hostesses, and to-go. Please consider that the next time you’re tipping your server. *end rant*”

As she posted her rant about getting tipped as low as $5 for $100, it went viral and people are bringing hundreds of thousands of questions under the light.

Some are empathizing the single mom asking others to consider tipping as much as they can or at least as expected while others are asking what the bill of your food has to do with how much you’re going to offer as tip, and some are bashing the woman for ranting without reason because she could have gone for a better job than just serving people for $2/hr. Some are pointing out that if you can’t afford to tip, cook your meal at homes. That makes sense to me.

It’s important to leave few bucks for those people because if you can afford to go out for a meal, you shouldn’t mind cashing out a little more for people who deserve it. All of you can have different opinions and I’m not disrespecting anyone’s.

What do you say?



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