Sassy Toddler Dials 911 But Cop Can’t Stop Laughing When She Shows Up.

Finding someone unconscious, seeing a burning building, hearing gunshots… all of these are what adults consider emergencies.

But ask any toddler and they might say running out of cookies, not being able to find Waldo, or having to go down for a nap are all devastating emergencies. Aaliyah Garett’s mom has always taught her what to do in case of an emergency: call 9-1-1. So when the Greenville, South Carolina, two-year-old found herself in a particularly difficult situation, she knew just what to do.

One afternoon in the spring of 2016, Aaliyah was really struggling. She had an emergency on her hands. So, she called 9-1-1.

When the dispatcher answered, he wasn’t able to get much information out of her, though. She said “hello” a few times, then hung up.

Luckily, a deputy was nearby, so she drove over to make sure everything was okay.

Aaliyah’s grandfather had no idea his granddaughter had placed the 9-1-1 call and was understandably shocked when Deputy Martha Lohnes showed up at his door.

Martha remembers, “she just comes running around and she’s like ‘HEY!’ And she has one pant leg on and the other pant leg is off.” Yes, little Aaliyah called the cops for much-needed help with getting dressed. The deputy got her pants on and then Aaliyah asked for help with her shoes, too.

Martha was positively delighted by the girl’s call for help.

“My heart went out to Aaliyah, because not too long ago, I was the little girl dialing 9-1-1 just so I could see police officers show up at my house,” she said. “I was so enamored by police officers as a kid.”

After Martha left, Aaliyah’s grandfather placed a call of his own — to her mother, who was away at work and sadly missed the whole debacle.

“My dad gave me a call and was just like, ‘Your daughter just called the police on me!’” she laughed. “Then he said Aaliyah wouldn’t let the cop leave.”

Since then, the two have kept in touch and continue to be adorable friends.

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