10 Phenomenal Uses Of Burlap In The Garden

Burlap is an inexpensive, hearty and versatile material, making it great for projects in your garden. The natural color and fibers make it suitable for any yard and won’t detract from your pretty blooms!
Whether you have a “green thumb” or you’re dabbling in gardening for the very first time, we’ve got just the project for you! From the practical to the pretty, we’re going to walk you through nine genius ways to use burlap in your yard. After reading this article, we think you’ll have a few projects you’ll want to start right away!
1. Use burlap instead of mulch
Instead of using mulch to keep your soil moist after you harvest. Laying down burlap will also prevent soil erosion, and therefore can take the place of mulch between plantings. This is a garden hack you won’t want to forget!
2. Decorative burlap tree
If your garden is looking a little sad this year, make an everlasting “tree” using burlap. Follow the instructions on the tutorial from Design, Dining and Diapers for a fun addition to your garden that requires no watering or maintenance!
3. Protect plants in the winter
Burlap is hearty enough to weather even the toughest winters, making it the perfect material to wrap your plants in after the first frost. This will keep them safe from the cold temperatures and snow that kills many small shrubs.
4. No-sew burlap garden flag
Add a personal touch to your garden with this adorable no-sew burlap garden flag from The Turquoise Home.
5. Laundry basket and burlap planter
We never would have guessed that beneath that burlap is a regular laundry basket. What a perfect way to upcycle instead of throwing an old laundry basket into the trash! (A broken one will even work for this project!)
6. Protect plants from animals
If you yard has animal visitors, consider using burlap to create a fence of sorts that will keep rabbits and deer from nibbling on your precious and vulnerable plants.
7. Burlap accented wreath
Add a little pizzaz to your garden by creating a wreath that’ll add charm to a regular old fence. We love the combination of twigs, a burlap bow and lavender, but just about any dried flower would do!
6. Hanging burlap planter
How unique is this hanging burlap pocket planter from West Elm. We’re feeling inspired to recreate it in a DIY project of our own!
7. Burlap covered succulent pot
This fun and simple craft can make a nice addition to your garden space, or it makes a great gift for someone who doesn’t have much outdoor green space! Find the tutorial over at Interiors By Sarah Langtry. While this looks super pretty with succulents, you could use any type of small plant for this DIY project.
8. Grow potatoes in a burlap sack
If your family eats a lot of spuds, try growing your own. But before you start digging up your yard, try following this tutorial from Family Food Garden which uses a burlap sack to grow this hearty crop.
9. Burlap planter
Follow this tutorial from Shelterness to make a burlap planter that’ll put all your terra cotta pots to shame!
9. Burlap planter
Follow this tutorial from Shelterness to make a burlap planter that’ll put all your terra cotta pots to shame!
10. Tomato planter
Five gallon buckets make the perfect environment to grow tomato plants. But those buckets are an eyesore in your otherwise beautiful garden. Cover up the ugly plastic with some burlap.
Which use of burlap in the garden has you ready to start crafting? Share this article with all your gardener friends to spread the word on this versatile material!