10 Men Over 50 Who Prove That Age Is Just A Number


Most people believe that attraction and good look depend on our age. We lose our beauty and smartness by the time. For example, when you were a kid you looked very cute and innocent and you probably thought that your parents or teenager looked pretty old. Many people also have assumption that people over the age of 50 are old.

Although aging is not a very rare issue, it’s happening to everyone, and no doubt it is a very sad process to watch losing your physical abilities and facial features age.

But the thing that I want to discuss here that age is just a number. If you will properly take care of the body by eating good foods and exercising, then you have the ability to thrive during the “golden years.”

Here we have a little introduction of talented 10 men who prove that age is just a number. They are all over 50 but they still look handsome, strong and talented.

Read their brief introduction and decide which one is your favorite?

  1. Philippe Dumas

60 years old Philippe is one good looking old gentleman having the beard, clean tattoo and perfect model’s face. Currently, he has almost 40k followers on his Instagram account and also on Reddit as well.

Philippe says “My career as a senior model is young, but it starts well”. Further, he told Style Area “I have great expectations.”

  1. Anthony Verrecchia

So what you think that when you got older you became scrawny and weak? No, it’s not. Anthony proves it wrong. Just take a look at the muscles of Anthony. No doubt he takes a lot of hard work and a healthy lifestyle.

He lives in New York and  has a self-titled “Silver Fox.” He has 48 k followers on Instagram and he shares all things with his fans and followers. He considers a senior model as well.

  1. Gianluca Vacchi

Here is the next gentleman Gianluca Vacchi having good muscles and good skin. This is only gray hair that tells something about his age otherwise it is much harder to guess Gianluca age.

Gianluca is one of those guys who looks great every time. Gianluca is also known to bust a move on Vine. He has incredible movement and flexibility in his body that does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

  1. Aiden Brady

50-year-old Aiden Brady is a smart gentleman who recently made his way into the fashion world. He has 66.6 k followers on his Instagram account. He shares his all modeling pictures with his followers.

The big thing is that he is also a movie star. He has appeared in The Hand of the Creator, Jolie’s Garden, and Conversation.

  1. Eric Rutherford.

Eric Rutherford is 49-year-old gentlemen. You can say under 50 but not much more. Eric proves that things really do get better with age.

Eric is not only a model but also an event organizer in New York and an editor for At-Large magazine. He also has time to share his attractive shots with his Instagram followers which are about 181k.


  1. Alessandro Manfredini

Here is our next gentleman Alessandro Manfredini. 48 years old Alessandro Manfredini loves his white and gray beard and tattoo combination.

Snow white beard with dark eyes and brows he is such a wonderful guy keeps getting modeling contracts. You can easily see his 264k followers on his Instagram account.

  1. Deshaun Wang

You will be amazed to know the age of Deshun Wang. He is 80 years old. Whoa, that is bit of an age gap! But you can’t guess his age from his slightly baggier eyes and smaller build.

He began his career by walking in China fashion week and received a nickname “Hottest Grandfather in China. “ It is the biggest achievement for 80-year-old gentlemen.

  1. Irvin Randle

Do you think Irvin Randle is a 54-year-old man? Yes, he is. Irvin proved that age is doing nothing but improvements are everything.

Just take a look at his awesome salt and pepper beard. He has 138k followers on Instagram due to his impeccable fashion sense and killer poses.

  1. Ron Jack Foley

50-year-old Ron Jack Foley is taking his hair game to another level. Just take a look at his long gray locks combined with a neatly styled beard.

He is a senior model and has 18k Instagram followers.

  1. Shan Michae Hefley

54 years old Shan Michae Hefley is probably one of the most athletic and ripped on the list.

People love this pretty typical guy for his age. He started his career with gray hair and a bit of beer belly, but then he decided to go through the ultimate transformation.

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