Two Football Players Kicked off Their Team After Protesting During National Anthem


On Friday, two Texas teenagers were kicked off their local football team (the Victory & Praise Christian Academy) after protesting during the national anthem, CROSBY, Texas.

Texas football players named Ingra-Lewis and Larry McCullough said they had a plan to take a knee during the anthem. They also told their coach named Ronnie Ray Mitchen that what they were going to do.

According to Mitchen, the team has a long-standing rule and they were not to kneel during the anthem. He told them, it could be offensive to him and other veterans too.

He said, “There is a proper time to do something in a proper way”.

Then, during Anthem when -Lewis and McCullough took a knee, Mitchen immediately ordered them to take off their uniform.

“That’s just how he feels,” Ingram-Lewis said.

According to Ingram-Lewis’ mother, the players shouldn’t be told what time they can and cannot protest.

“He has a slave master mentality,” she said. “If you were to go back to that when they wanted to tell us this is what you are going to do and this is how you do it. And if we didn’t comply, we were beaten, whooped or even killed.”

Coach Mitchen said that he has stopped watching the NFL after this protest.

Across the country, there are some professional athletes who have taken a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustices. Last year, an NFL player Colin Kaepernick was the first player who used his platform to kneel and protest cases of police brutality and racial inequality.

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