Grief Stricken Parents Send Grave Warning After 1 Mistake By Teacher Claims Life Of Their Son


Middle school student Rory Staunton, 12, was diving for a ball in gym class one day, but wiped out. He hopped up and discovered he had cut himself in the process of fielding the ball.

Rory showed the wound to his teacher who opted not to bother sending Rory to the school nurse’s office, but instead affixed two Band-Aids across the cut. He never sanitized the cut.

One day later, Rory had pain in his leg and a 104-degree fever. Rory was taken to his pediatrician, but was directed to the emergency room at NYU Langone Medical Center.

There, his condition continued to worsen. Doctors first thought Rory was dehydrated and treated him with IV fluids and then sent him home.

He was given Tylenol for his fever and anti-nausea medication. But none of it worked.

So Rory’s parents Orlaith and Ciaran returned with him to the emergency room where they learned that the original untreated cut from gym class had sent their precious son into septic shock. Bacteria had entered his body through that cut.

Doctors tried additional life-saving measures, but to no avail. Rory ended up passing away in the intensive care unit.

Surprisingly, 30 million people pass away from sepsis every single year. Now, Rory’s parents want everyone to know what happened to their son and how to prevent it from happening to someone they love.

It all began when Rory was playing with friends during gym class. But it ended tragically.

Sepsis is preventable. It also is treatable if you know what to look for.

Watch this video and learn more about sepsis and Rory’s sad story.

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