This Cute Little Baby Share The Same Hair Streak As Three Generations Of Her Family


Here is a cute MilliAnna, who has not just a unique streak of hair but also has good fashion sense even at a very young age. Look her freshness.


This is due to lack of pigmentation that runs in all the females of this worthy family and it is a proof that how genetics can affect your look. What would happen if Brianna gave a birth to a son?

Little MilliAnna has a small streak of white hair around her forehead and directly above her eyes. You would be amazed to know that her mother, her grandmother and even her grandmother have the same streak of hair on her head.

her grandmother and even her grandmother have the same streak of hair on her head.

According to Brianna, her younger sister didn’t have this signature streak of white hair so she had doubts that whether her daughter would get it or not.

She said in an interview, that our family is unsure about this birthmark, how far it might be effected on our family.

This genetics affects does not change just the hair, but it can be found on the skin too. It can be lack of pigmentation on the skin.

You can see in the pictures that MilliAnna has this condition on her knees and legs too. But no doubt she is so cute and adorable has beaming eyes and bright smile.

Her grandmother has never met her amazing biological family, otherwise, this family tradition could run much deeper than 4 generations.

Here is a picture of Brianna with her father watching a football and eating chicken wings according to Brianna’s Facebook.

The little cute MilliAnna even at such a young age has mastered the art of posing for social media and looks fresh in pictures. Keep rockin’ that little one!

According to Brianna, as she is growing up, she experienced bullying by her friends due to her look and they would call her names such as “skunk.”

But now, everybody loves her appearance and she loves herself. She says, now people regularly stopped her on the streets in regards to her “distinctive hair.”MilliAnna’s mother hopes that she will accept her “signature look” and not to listen to people’s mean comments at times.


Here is the picture of Brianna’s younger sister who has not the signature white streak. But these both ladies happen to share the trait of being photogenic.

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