Brave Muslim Woman Saved Burning Man’s life While dozen of Men stood by and Watched


This is a story of a Muslim woman who became a hero after saving the life of a burning man with an Islamic robe while dozens of men stood by and watched.

The United Arab Emirates, Ras al-Khaimah 22 years old Jawaher Saif Kumaiti was driving to home after visiting her friend who was hospitalized. In a way, she saw two trucks burst into flames while the victim was shouting for someone to save him.

One of the drivers named Harkirit Singh escaped from his burning truck and he was saved.

But the Muslim brave lady Jawaher stopped her car, took the abaya of her friend and rescued the man by putting out the flames and covered him with the abaya.

Jahawer told Khaleej Times in the United Arab Emirates: “I was rattled to see the two burning trucks, and got shocked when I saw a man on fire screaming for help,”

Further, she said “I requested my friend – who was with me in my car – to give her abaya and asked her to stay inside”.

“I immediately rushed to the driver, put out the flames and covered him with my friend’s abaya. I calmed him down, telling him that he would survive as the rescue teams will arrive soon.”

“The police patrols, ambulance, and paramedics shortly arrived. They swung into action, provided first aid to the driver, and rushed him to the hospital.

You would be amazed to know that, there were also some workers at the scene, but no one came to help. She said,“They were like mute spectators, looking at the man on fire who was screaming to save his life.”

According to Major Tariq Mohamed Al Sharhan, head of the ambulance and rescue section at the city’s police department, both drivers’ bodies had burned 40 to 50% and later transferred to a specialist hospital.

She said, “All thanks and praise to Almighty Allah who gave me the power and courage to act and intervene into the situation at the right time and rescue the man’s life.”

Police department has confirmed that brave Jawaher will be rewarded for her bravery.


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