Woman Stuck At Airport Overnight, Made Epic Dance Video For Spending Time


CHARLOTTE- Sometimes when you are stuck in the airport for a night and getting so much bored. Don’t worry, just get up and dance.

It is the idea of Mahshid Mazooji. And I think it is the best idea for getting happiness.

Here is a Youtube video made by Mazooji dancing with airport workers and passenger in a nearly deserted Charlotte Doughes International Airport terminal and set to Lionel Richie’s 1983 hit song “All Night Long(All Night)”. This video had gotten more than 730,000 views as of midday Tuesday.

In a video, the woman shows off a mean moonwalk and sprays her armpits with cleaning fluid from janitor’s cart. But most of the time in a video she dances with airline counter workers, a worker who pushes passenger in wheelchairs, passengers, a Starbucks barista and a man who appears to be an especially limber flight steward.

The video was posted Saturday. Mazooji’s description says, “I missed my connecting flight in Charlotte, and I didn’t want to sit in anger all night long, so instead I did what makes me happiest…DANCE!!!! Oh, and I made some really great friends along the way! Thank you for dancing your troubles away with me!!! :)”

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