Girls Are Using Bugs For Nail Arts. I Just Can’t Stand The Last One! GROSS

What is the fashion for you? Looking great or standing out? Can you come up with the two-in-one package? Well, we are not Rihanna who stands out and looks great at the same time.

For the moment, it’s about nails. All of us paint nails and for people like me, the day is incomplete without painted nails. I won’t even mind having some ruined patches of paint over my nails but have you tried bugs in your nail paint ever? Well, these girls have.

You might have been witnessing Instagram beauty bloggers trying various new things some of which really go trendy. Braided eyebrows, colourful eyelashes, hair trimming, crazy manicure, just to name a few. But, today, we have spotted something so different, so creative yet so gross. To check the finest arrant piece of the night, don’t forget to zoom in the last image.

Would you like to eat your spaghetti with these nails over your fingers?

That might taste awfully great.

No Please!

This butterfly wing might make you feel like a coarse angel. (Read it, WITCH)

If you love them as I do from the grossy parts of my heart, go for hunting boo, you got to find fine wings.

Yuckily Pretty!

(You can mind my slangs because I so much love these images)

Buzzz Buzzzz Buzzzzz

Hunt a wasp and fix it under your final nail paint coating. The disgustingly pretty yellow and black combo will make you puke right away.

Gonna try it, eh?

GOANNA SKIN? Am I allowed to vomit here?

Perfect revenge yet GROSS

What’s about grabbing the spider you dread to use as a nail art?

Now, this is too much.

Ladybug was the last thing I expected. What is this girl trying to do?


WELL WELL WELL! Trust me, It is REAL

I can’t even look at it how would you spend your whole event looking at this creative piece of crap? How would you eat? Or talk? Or even breathe.

If I have a reader who is really interesting in using bugs in nail art, please hunt carefully. I’d never like to write an article under the title of “A GIRL DIED WHILE HUNTING SCORPION FOR HER NAIL ART YOUTUBE VIDEO”.