Study Revealed That People Spend More Time Sitting In Toilet Than Exercising: What Do You Do?

A study was conducted by non-profit organization namely UKactive reveals that people spend most of their time sitting on the toilet seats rather than doing exercise all over a week.

This study is conducted with an aim to find how many people are physically fit and active in daily exercise but reports show that 26 % of people do exercise for less than 30 minutes a week and that an average adult spends around 3 hours a week in toilet.

In addition to it, a study has revealed that two-thirds of the Britain sit 6 hours a day for whatever they do and less than 12 % people know actually what health benefits bring daily exercise.

National Health Services suggest 150 minutes exercise of moderate intensity a week, is better for general good health like swimming, cycling or brisk walking.

The Chief Executive of UKactive Steven Ward speaks that human is primarily made for moving around but luxurious and modern lifestyle has made us more rest prone and we do not care about getting sweaty, condition to good health.

The NHS official further says that lack of interest in exercise is alarming in society but some other factors are involved like poor diet, lack of exertion and increasing tendency to use smartphones are more dangerous for health.

By publicizing these facts about society, UKactive wants to urge more community people to become active and move towards parks for jogging at least.

Where are you in your journey towards a better life with good health? In the toilet with your smartphone or jogging in the morning?

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Source: The Telegraph