A Mistake you Could be Making with Your Food Killed her Entire Family

This 8-years-old lost her father, mother, brother, and grandmother because of the potatoes they stored in the wrong way.

The way you manage your kitchen has more to do with your existence than you think. It is understandable that you need to use the freezer to store food items and you need to scramble your chicken before it let the salmonella poisoning spoil your hygiene.

But have you ever wondered how potatoes should be stored? A little mistake in storing the potatoes has killed this whole Russian family leaving this 8-years-old girl behind and can kill your family too if you don’t notice it now.

Mikhail Chelyshev, the father of the 8-years-old girl named Maria Chelysheva, went to the cellar of their house to get some potatoes for dinner but he didn’t die right after entering the cell. His wife, Anastasia, felt the absence of her husband and went after him to the cellar to check but end being dead too. The story was not ending there with two people dead. The third person, Maria’s brother Georgy, went to the cellar and didn’t come back.

It was alarming for the grandmother, Irida, who was witnessing everything. She called the neighbours for help but her motherhood took her to the cellar before the help arrived and she dropped dead right next to her grandson, son, and daughter-in-law, police reported.

It was the time for Maria who too went to the cellar but survived.

What happened actually?

The family was storing potatoes in a non-ventilated cellar and the absence of air let the potatoes rot.

When potatoes rot, they naturally produce solanine, a deadly toxin. This poison is usually indicated by the green skin of potatoes, but it’s not murderous in all cases though.

For this very family, they kept the potatoes in their store for a long while and as the time passed, the poison grew to the surrounding creating a whole killing environment in the cellar and when the family entered, they all lost their lives to potatoes.

However, Maria survived even after visiting the cellar because of her grandmother as Iraida let the door of the basement open that let much of the poisonous air go out. When Maria went down, she got ill but survived. However, she is still haunted by the scene of her whole family being dead in the cellar and seeking support from her relatives. Her emotional state is not well though.