Facebook Friend Made A Young Girl Leave Her House And Police Is Requesting Public For Help To Recover Missing Girl

A 19 years old girl went missing on Saturday night when she left her house in evening to meet a strange man, she acquainted on Facebook. She left her Palm Bay house wearing black jeans with green shirt having bag in her hand but isn’t seen after she left.

The law enforcement authorities were fearful about the safety of girl who could be in danger of any degree.

Palm Bay Police Department tweeted about the missing girl and asked the public to help them and inform if anyone have a glance on her around Jamaica NY Lt. B where she possibly headed. Though it could not be clear yet whether she had apprehended by her boyfriend or went through any other disaster. To better spot her, Police Department publicized her physical characteristics having 130 to 140 pounds weight with 5 feet 7 inches high body. She has blonde hair and brown eyes to be exact.

After the news went on social media, the natives are fearful about the use of social media by teenagers and eventually found in displacement ad blackmailing by criminal people on social media sites. One said that apart from many positive effects of social media, such vulnerabilities and negative use is disastrous for not only parents but also for children.

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