Rid Your Home Of Mice And Spiders Forever With Just One Teabag

Not many people around the globe welcome mice and spiders. They are always the unpleasant guests for most of us.

To get your home rid of these unsolicited guests, there are many traps and poisons available in the market but they bring possibly dangerous knock-on effects. Imagine your infant ingesting some of it by accident, that’s quite threatening.

But why to even think of such a possibility when there are safe, cheap and gladly natural ways that you might have been using already but don’t know this particular advantage of it?

What am I talking about? TEA.

Yes, you read it right. Is it too good to be true? Why not try? After all, it’s just about one teabag.

All you need to do is to brew a cup of refreshing peppermint tea and place that used the tea bag in the room haunted by mice and spiders. For quick and better results, brew a cup for everyone and leave one tea bag in each corner.

You can use oil too.

If you’re not a tea person, you can use essential oils for the same constructive effect.

Just put 10-15 drops of raw peppermint oil in a full-of-water spray bottle and spray the mixture around the room.

These very tricks not only liberate your house of mice and spiders but also create a refreshing aura in your house with an invigorating smell.

Specifically for spiders, there is no substitute for cinnamon and lemon oil.

Try it at home without investing anything and don’t forget to share this great tip of the day with your friends and family.

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