Beware: Deodorant That Many Men Use To Grow Breast Has Been Linked To Liver Cancer By Authorities

Axe brand, owned by Unilever, contains a wide range of products customized for men’s grooming and has been widely used worldwide. But recently, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review revealed that there are many of the ingredients in these very products which are never tested for the safety of users.

They are Causing Endocrine Disruption

These products are reported to contain endocrine disrupting chemicals which are exogenous and alter the hormone activities both in humans and animals. These synthetic chemicals hamper the endocrine system’s functioning by altering the respective body functioning of particular hormones.

A report issued by the Member scientists of the Endocrine Society asset that:

“We present the evidence that endocrine disruptors have effects on male and female reproduction, breast development and cancer, prostate cancer, neuroendocrinology, thyroid, metabolism and obesity, and cardiovascular endocrinology.”

Not only this, the new studies are also disclosing that these reported chemicals present in the Axe brand deodorants and other male cosmetic products can cause actual physical feminization in men. In this regard, International Journal of Andrology reports that this feminization can be seen practically through men’s current play habits.

All of this certainty has made medical experts wonder that if this prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals is the pivotal reason behind low testosterone and erectile dysfunction in older men.

Ingredients also Contain Aluminum

Aluminium Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly is also an active component of Axe deodorant products. According to scientific studies, this chemical disturbs the renal system at very low doses in animals and all mammals show positive cell mutation. More of, if the dose gets slightly high; it disturbs the reproductive system badly.

Another Cancerous Ingredient is Cocamidopropyl Betaine

According to recent animal studies, this particular ingredient is directly linked to cancer and if someone continues to use products with Cocamidopropyl Betaine, he can end up being contaminated with nitrosamines.

What is Nitrosamines? When nitrosating agents combine with amines, they produce Nitrosamines which is a deadly category of carcinogen. It has been reported to cause cancer in more than 40 animal species counting humans in.

It also Contain Flammable PPG-14 Butyl Ether

It is an irritant and flammable human carcinogen also known as propylene oxide. PPG-14 Butyl Ether is its other name where PPG stands for Polypropylene Glycol, made of 100% artificial petroleum product also being named as methyl oxirane.

Toulene and parabens have been reported to be linked to faulty reproductive system and cancer respectively.

PEG-8 Distearate is also present

Various impurities have been found in different PEG compounds according to the recent report of International Journal of Toxicology by the CIR. Ethylene oxide, polycyclic aromatic compounds, 1,3 dioxane, lead, cobalt, iron, nickel, arsenic, and cadmium are detected in these compounds which are straightly linked to cancer.

The Deal is sealed by System broker BHT

A number of scientific studies report BHT having dangerous and cancerous effects on liver, lungs, and kidneys when it accumulated in the body over time. It also promotes bladder and fore-stomach cancer in male rats according to the 1984 study of Gann.

BHT along with BHA is cancerous and tumour-promoting according to another 1988 Swedish study by Thompson. These antioxidants are equally dangerous but at equimolar concentration, BHT leads the BHA in toxicity.