Backyard Chicken Run: How To Design You Chicken Run For Better Safety And Hygiene

Having a fine number of chickens at home can be beneficial for your family. You can have organic eggs for breakfast and a side activity at home. But if you want healthy yielding with limited trash and complexity around the corner, you must invest in taking proper care of your chickens. Besides providing them with food regularly, you need to create an environment suitable for you and your chickens.

And that comes with persistence. To have a beautiful, safe and clean chicken run or chicken coop, you need a lot of information but let me explain all of it briefly for you.

Your birdhouse or chicken run must be secure, ventilated, clean and dry. Choosing the right site for installment might get a bit confused but there are few considerations that you should keep in mind.

Try to choose a dry and high location for your chicken run. It is important because chicken tends to stroll around and if you choose a low place, you can find a lot of frogs patrolling there and water can find home too. In this situation, cleaning up the area can be a great headache.

Secondly, security must be your high concern. You need to secure your chickens from every possible predator in every possible way. Remember that you can build a chicken run or chicken coop overnight. It will take time.

Now for security, fences are of great importance. I recommend using double fences with varying opening. Try to use heavy-duty fences. Make it sure that you bury the fences 12 inches on the ground and toe them down for 6 inches. It will refrain predators like dogs and cats from approaching your birds and burying the fence will keep them away from digging the soil to approach the chickens.