Navy Staff got Fired After Their video of making Newborn Babies Dance on a Rap Song went online


Two navy corpsmen got fired after their Snapchat stories of playing brutally with a-few-hours old babies in nursery went viral.

One video shows a woman carelessly holding the newborn baby from her arms and making her dance to 50 Cent song in Da Club. And the second woman can be seen in picture showing an inapt sign towards baby with the caption ‘How I feel about these mini Satans’ on Snapchat.

The video and images were originally posted at Snapchat but later uploaded at Facebook by concerned people who finally informed the Hospital administration about the scenario happening under their nose.

Both women were initially reported to be the nurses at Naval Hospital Jacksonville but a statement by hospital administration confirmed that these women were not nurses but corpsmen.

No doubt their act is brutal, unacceptable and outrageous that has already made them cost their jobs but people are asking for lifetime ban and cancellation of their nursing license.

You can watch the woman making the newborn dance by flipping her arms on the beats of the rap song imitating the act of the artist in the video. And similarly the other woman in pictures can be seen showing an inappropriate gesture towards the new-born with the disgusting caption, “How currently I feel about these mini Satans”.

Treating infants as brutally as this and showing such freaky immature behavior is unjustifiable.

Shortly after the posts went online, the hospital took an action and removed both of these corpsmen from their positions considering them under legal investigation.

They released a statement saying that, “We are aware of the inappropriate video and photos and can confirm they are hospital corpsmen, not nurses, but we are unable to confirm their names or tenure in light of the ongoing investigation”.

And that “The individuals have been removed from patients care, meaning they will not be providing direct patient care. We are also contacting patients to address any questions or concerns they may have. This type of behavior is incompatible with the Navy’s core values of honor, courage and commitment, as well as medical ethics. It also does not reflect the commitment Navy Medicine has to provide the best care our nation can offer to those who serve as well as their families. An investigation is underway. Once the investigation is complete, appropriate actions will be taken”.

After official statement, the outrage has slightly gone down but people have their questions such as why these women were taking care of babies with such long nails that can hurt them badly? Why nobody was around to check what they were doing with little poor souls? Mothers are showing the extreme response saying that if the baby belonged to them, they would have killed the corpsmen for mistreating their babies that too only a few hours old.

There are a lot of questions to answer and we are hoping the ongoing investigation completes soon and both women receive what they actually deserve.



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