If You Have Any Of These Silent Signs, You Are About To Have A Heart Attack!

The majority of people think that the major sign of having a heart attack is when the person clutches at their heart with a severe pain in the chest. But, this is actually wrong. ¼ of the heart attacks occur silently, without any symptom.

Dr. C. Crandall, a cardiologist who spent the majority of his life dedicated on finding a way to minimize and prevent heart disease. He claims that the heart gives us symptoms of a potential heart attack prior to its happening.

  1. Swelling

Numerous people think that swelling of the feet or ankles is connected to too much sitting or standing, not knowing that heart failure leads to accumulated fluid within the body, causing sweat in the feet, ankles, abdomen, or legs.

  1. Anxiety

One group of people who had experienced a heart attack, claimed that felt anxiety attack prior to the occurrence of heart attack. It’s better to prevent rather than to cure.

  1. Pain in the other body parts

First of all, the pain occurs in the chest and then it expands to the shoulders, jaws, arms, abdomen, and back. There are cases when people don’t experience chest pain, but pain in other body parts, such as between the shoulder blades or in one of both arms.

  1. Coughing

In some cases, people cough bloody phlegm or they experience nagging or wheezing cough, which is a sign that there is failure in the heart function thanks to the fluid build-up in the lungs.

Some of the commonest signs are:


Chest discomfort


Cold sweat

Shortness of breath

Don’t ignore the symptoms thinking that they will go away on their own. If they are longer than 5 minutes, call 911 immediately or go to the hospital. Except for people allergic to aspirin, it is also a helpful alternative.