There are Tornado Warnings for Broward County, Miami-Stay Safe!

National Weather Service has issued tornado warnings in official tweet focused on North Eastern Broward and South Eastern Palm Beach counties in Miami. According to the reports and issued warnings, Florida is set to be hit by most catastrophic storm it ever witnessed with a 15 feet sea surge and 130 mph winds. This is the alarming situation for the states as the POTUS said that the all the national institutes and the people should stand firm in hours of distress and not to lose hope against this natural disasters. Remember that this tornado warning is about a series of flood, tornadoes and rainfall the Americans are suffering for many days with casualties, injuries including other damage.

After issuance of a warning, two rifts of tornadoes have touched Broward county that was capable of damage but no big loss was reported since it happened so far. On the more another hand, another tornado is reported in Oakland Park with reports of no injuries and casualties. It is to be noted that these tornadoes are following the Hurricane Imran series of rainfall and floods around coastal areas of United States of America. It made it difficult to provide medical aid and other necessary assistance to the victims and in some cases, helicopters would remain the only option.

According to the most recent reports issued by National Weather service from Melbourne office regarding Fort Peirce and tornado warning, there has been raining for four hours 10 inches in measuring, set a record, associating with Hurricane Irma. The rain was so heavy has it has set a couple of square miles area under flood making it impassable through any mean and water entered inn houses of people near