Get Rid Of Mold Forever With These Amazing Natural Solutions!

We are constantly exposed to toxins all the time and we are not even aware of it. We touch them, breathe them and consume them. They are silent killers to our organism and we won’t do anything to fight it. Mold is present everywhere, behind the walls, under floors, in the food we eat and we don’t see it. Mold can make people ill and can even lead to death.

Mold is harmful for the joints, for the nervous system and generally for the immune system. It can provoke cancer so try to be more careful. Many people who are aware of the dangerous effects mold has, try different solutions, mostly using industrial cleaners which also contain toxins and chemicals so we actually do more harm than good. The point is to breathe normally and get rid of all the mold. So we offer you 5 natural solutions how to remove the mold:

1. Hydrogen peroxide
You need to spray 3% of hydrogen peroxide directly on the mold and to leave it like that for around ten minutes. You then need to scrub and wipe using a wet towel to remove everything. You can also mix the peroxide with baking soda and vinegar. But keep it somewhere safe and dark because of the features of the hydrogen peroxide.

2. Vinegar
Two ways how to use it. The first one includes diluting the vinegar with water to lower the smell before putting it onto the mold and the seconds to use it directly from the bottle. The second is a better one and more effective. White vinegar destroys 82% of mold combined with viruses and bacteria. You need to spray the area leave it like that for a couple of hours, scrub it using a brush. If the smell is too strong for you, add some drops of essential oil. The smell will vanish quicklu anyway.

3. Tea tree oil solution
This is a bit more expensive treatment, because from the tea tree oil you only need tiny amount and it will be miraculously good for the mold. You need to combine two small spoons of it and two cups of water and you will have a solution. This needs to be sprayed onto the mold area, but don’t wash it afterwards. There will be a smell, but it will disappear after some time.

4. Citrus seed extract and water
This could be the best approach for removing mold since compared to vinegar or tea tree oil, the citrus seed extract, like the grapefruit, doesn’t have a smell. You only need to add around 20 drops of the extract in water (2 cups) and spray it directly onto the area. And don’t wash.

5. Baking soda
It is an effective way to remove the mold. Use it combined with white vinegar and water or just water. As soon as you make the solution, spray it on the area and leave it. Afterwards scrub and clean using a wet towel. It is a rather mild method, so the s solution will clean the mold without any smells left behind.

The thing is not to wait until the mold has come to the surface. You need to act earlier. If you have humidity problems, buy yourself a dehumidifier so you can remove the moisture, which causes the mold.