This Simple Life Hack Will Keep Your Band-Aid From Falling Off Your Finger

Most of us know the struggle of trying to keep a Band-Aid on for longer than a day. When they get wet, even waterproof Band-Aids are known to fall off. But there’s a simple hack that could change everything.

Health experts on the hit show The Doctors recently detailed the trick, which especially helps with paper cuts. All you need to try it is a bandage and some scissors. First, you cut the bandage on each end, leaving a slit down the middle of each side. Then you cross each bottom wing diagonally, and wrap the straight portions across the top of your finger. This easy step makes the bandage so much more secure and snug, and far less likely to come off as you’re washing your hands or bathing.

So if you want to save money (and time), try this nifty little trick the next time you get a paper cut.