Clean Feet In 30 Minutes With Easy Baking Soda Mixture

Exfoliating and cleaning your feet helps to keep them feeling good. You do not have to go for pedicures anymore, you can do this amazing treatment at home! This can be done at any time of the day, but at night is best. That way, your feet have all night long to soak up the oil or lotion you use.

Footbaths make your toenails tender and easier to take care of. Do this treatment at least twice a week, if you can’t squeeze it in every day.

Scrub, moisturise and cover of your feet. Your foot hygiene should considerably improve by doing this every day or at least twice a week.

Your nails must be trimmed to maintain hygiene, as long and unkempt claws accumulate dirt which harbours germs. Smooth any edges of your nails with a nail file. Watch the video below to see how to prepare an easy baking soda treatment: