Teen Daughter Bullies and Shaming Overweight Kids, Dad has the Perfect Punishment in Mind

Sometimes, parents learn ugly truths about their children that they wish they had not learned, but know that some situations require firm parenting.

This single father had that happen when he learned something about his teenage daughter and realized he had to make some tough choices to make.

Bullying is a serious issue that can often leave the victims of the abuse both physically and emotionally damaged.

There have been too many instances of young people committing suicide because they are the targets of bullying. Feeling lost, trapped, and afraid, they escape the pain and suffering by taking their own lives.

Amanda Todd from British Columbia, Canada was only 15 when she was found dead after being cyberbullied and taunted relentlessly over a photo of her breasts that circulated the internet. Tyler Clementi, an 18-year-old student who attended Rutgers University, jumped to his death off of the George Washington Bridge after his roommate took footage on a webcam of him being intimate with another male.

One death from bullying is one too many. When this father discovered that his daughter was bullying her classmates at school, he decided to put a stop to it.