Fire in the Central Douglas Country Caused Serious Trouble Saturday Night

Thick life threatening smoke has been witnessed into central Douglas Country on Saturday afternoon caused by the wildfires burning in the whole locale of southern Oregon.

However, the spokesperson with the Douglas Forest Protective Association named Kyle Reed reported that the fire and smoke have not caused any life threatening trouble to the homes in the respective area.

As witnessed there was a new 350-acre fire outside of Olalla which suffocated people to death however without any serious physical trouble or loss. Kyle Reed further explained that the fire was basically burning on private industrial forest land and at the BLM forest land. And the source was the mixture of slash; Reprod trees and second growth stand. Still, the real cause of the trouble is blank to authorities.

How was the fire fought?

All of the Oregon Department of Forestry, Coos Forest Protective Association, DFPA and other private industrial landowners in the area provided necessary equipment to fight the fire along with helicopters. More of, a quick incident management team was also brought up quickly from the Oregon Department of Forestry to fight the fire.

However, even after two days have passed, the reason and cause of the fire are unknown.

From people who closely witnessed the disastrous sight, a meteorologist with National Weather Services in Medford named Brad Schaaf explained that the fire was causing serious haze in the Central Douglas Country. He explained that some of the some were coming from the Umpqua North Complex east of Glide, some were coming from the Falcon Fire Complex in the Tiller Ranger District and some was struggling from the Miller Complex Jackson County to reach the town with winds.

Due to the intense circumstances in the area, the National Weather Services has already predicted some smoky and hot days ahead.

Firefighters are still working in the area and using tactical firing operation to deepen the containment line on the Fall Creek and Ragged Ridge fires. They are hoping that these techniques will help them to make the power line corridor along Forest Road 28 and the homes at the Slide Creek and Soda Spring safe and sound.

Due to the fire in the central Douglas Country, about 200 firefighters were sent to the eastern side of the complex for the help. Meanwhile, the whole of the Boulder Creek Wilderness has been closed to entry. Firefighters are camping at the Sandshed and Millsite area along the Highway 138 which is closed near milepost 72 due to the cause. It is not clear if they can take vehicles but pedestrians are still allowed to pass by according to the site reports.

If anybody of you is there, take care of yourself and take necessary precautions to avoid the side effects of this toxic industrial smoke.