They were Scared to Death When Police Finally Arrested the Window Breakers at Dawn

The Windsor Police, Canine, United states are getting praise on social and print media for their quick arresting activity of an accused who broke a house in. In Friday morning around at 4 O’clock, officers received a call and reported a smashed basement window of a house Raymond Avenue in Riverside.

The media reported, when officers received a call, they dispatch local units to the location where they observed broken window and found fresh blood on the spot. Police searched a house but did not found any murder convict as blood was found. Here, police service dog, Hasko, took the lead and follow tracks of the suspect. Dog masterfully sniffed the streets and roads and lead officers to tracked suspect located four blocks away from the place of incident. Dog sniffed through a house on Buckingham Road where a 26 years old boy was found. He has been charged with breach of probation, mischief, break and enter, theft, possession of stolen property on which he is expected to be trialled and punished.

It is to be noted that after arresting and charges applied to the window breakers, the real accused is given a full opportunity to defend himself for his charges either by a lawyer or in person. A judge has to find whether he is found guilty or not. A legal process will be followed by state law.