A Girl Found on the Sea 55 Years Ago Finally Revealed the Truths About What Happened!

The real Titanic kind of disastrous story has been the talk of the town since few days. And you might find it everywhere over the media that how the survivor of a deathly tragedy opened her mouth after 55 years. Here is what actually happened to the girl found on the sea 55 years ago in 1961 by some of the passersby.

In 1961, a Greek freighter, Captain Theo, was passing by the Bahamas when he found something really terrifying in rather dark water. Their ship was on its ultimate journey and the thing the crew noticed was quite a mile away from their sight. But as the ship moved closer, they realized that the spotted thing was not some yacht or boat but was a small, quite whitish bodily figure. According to their report, they had not expected it to be something with human life but unexpectedly, there, under the wrathful sky, midway the cruel wind, in the lap of the cold unkind water was a little girl. The death was about to kiss her and she was under the severe sunburn effects bearing the 105-degree fever and severe dehydration. She surely hadn