Here is How to Get Pregnant Fast at Age 40-The Mystery is Solved

It is a common belief that pregnancy and conception rate decreases with age and crosses critical margins after 40 years of age. However, people are still postponing parenthood for whatever the reason there might be. But the complications of pregnancy after age 40 are important to address. If you are among the ladies of same age group and want to conceive, you need to consider wide information before you step in. You might not face any complication or you might need some advance treatments depending upon your health condition. But before heading towards potential causes and solution to get pregnant fast at age 40, I want to say that nothingis impossible in this world just don’t worry and believe.


What Are the Causes of These Complications?

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There can be multiple reasons behind problems to get pregnant fast at age 40 but what Dr D Navot addresses are quite clear and make sense with evidence. He conducted a study to report that the reasons for infertility in the women of age over 40. He included 35 women of age 42 years who have already been confirmed with primary fertility. He conducted various medical tests and reported his final words saying that ovum related issues are the basic causes of infertility in women of age over 40. And that if the normal ovarian cycle of these females is restored, still the 40 years old female reproductive system will show utmost competency in bearing the pregnancy.

Similarly, P. van Zonneveld also supported the results of Navot while offering a clear evidence of his study. He examined women of age 41 to 46 years old and found that with the advancement of age the hormonal secretion decreases in the woman and also interferes with normal ovulation. This threat is also coupled with the decline in the total number of oocytes in the female reproductive system. Furthermore, women who want to get pregnant fast at age 40 might also be vulnerable to high blood pressure, heart stroke and other age related severe diseases which strongly affect the chances of conceptions.

Deliberately, these are major things which cause complication in conception in women of age 40 or above.

Tips to Get Pregnant fast at Age 40

There are certain tips that you can follow to preserve your conception for the post-40 years life.

Maintain your weight

 Obesity is one of the major causes of alteration in normal ovulation in the female. It changes the concentration of hormones caused by peripheral conversion in the adipose tissues. Therefore, maintain your diet at the healthy level. Don’t eat too much or too little because the alteration in the nutrition affects the endocrine system. Don’t even think of using weight losing supplements because they can negatively affect your thyroid hormone which in turn causes the alteration in the secretion of FSH which is a follicle stimulating hormone. Let me mention Polycystic ovarian disease which is the major cause of infertility in females and it includes imbalanced eating and body weight at important factors.


Read your menstrual cycle and identify the fertile period which is usually around ovulation or typically on the 14th day of the 28-day menstrual cycle. If you keep a check on your basal body temperature and perform frequent intercourses around the time of ovulation, it can help you to get pregnant fast at age 40.

You can use ovulation predictor kit which is easily available to check the changes in your hormone through urine. Monitoring alterations in the cervical secretion can also help you detect how vulnerable an embryo is. You should also take care of your outside physic by avoiding strenuous physical activity such as running, using stairs frequently and lifting heavy weight. These measures can significantly limit the chances of miscarriage or other complications. Furthermore, practising intercourse in varying position can also help the sperm travel in the right direction to fertilize the ova. You can consult your doctor for further help in this regard.

More of, to get pregnant fast at age 40, some experts also suggest uterus massage which promotes the development of the uterus tissues and helps you to detoxify the toxins and chemicals produced in the areas due to the medication, hormonal breakdown or due to other metabolic processes.

Other Options to Get Pregnant Fast at Age of 40

There is no denying the fact that fertility and conception level decreases with age and natural pregnancy becomes more difficult. But there are certainly other options that you can try and they have the relatively high rate of success. They cost much but happiness that a baby brings is more worthy.

Such as IVF is a good option. It is appropriate and common among women of age over 40 for the fertility treatment. Doctors believe that it is rare that women of age over 40 get pregnant with their own eggs. But the chances of females having a baby with IVF cycle are more than 15%. It covers 5-10% of the females of age between 43-44 and after 44; it declines to less than 5. However, recently NHS National Guidelines for Health and Clinical Excellence has reported that women of age above 39 can be treated via IVF on NHS.

Basically, there are natural IVF offers which are drug-free and cost less for the natural selection of eggs and cast fewer side effects. Natural IVF even works in the pre-menopause time when women reserve quite a few eggs and no fertility drug works. This involves the natural collection of selected eggs from an ovulatory cycle allowing an embryo transfer.

There is also a mild IVF offer which involves fewer drugs and costs relatively low with quite fewer side effects. IVF is also available with conventional services for women with low fertility.

As the final word, make your body healthy and try the natural process. And if you fail, try the other options available. There is nothing impossible in this world and you should have to believe it. I have acquaintances who have bored kids in their late 40s and thy are happy with their body and life. Give it a go.